{Interludi} 2014 – Hat + Visuals Nei Albertí

septiembre 20, 2014 by in category Video

{Interludi} presented on Saturday august 16th the Jazz{a}Cava. Check it out!

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Galeria N2 – Exhibition 2011

febrero 26, 2011 by in category Video


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Mas Trempat Istallation

enero 10, 2010 by in category Video


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Escultura Gàbia

octubre 16, 2009 by in category Video


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The strength of Nei Albertí’s open ellipses

enero 15, 2005 by in category Press tagged as , ,

(eng) Ellipses are geometric abstractions of the course of celestial bodies around the Universe.   With their large scale they prove to be closed and predetermined conceptions, while the ellipses traced by Nei Albertí with his sculptures would correspond to the flight of birds. Free and unpredictable as the ones traced in the air by [...]

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